New Year Celebration

January 1, 2013

We usually spend New Year’s Eve at home and this year, a new member joined us — my nephew. His dad, who happened to be my brother, brought him and her mom to spend the holiday with us this year. Baby Yuan just celebrated his birthday last December and it’s his second new year but first time to be with us in an occasion like this. He was confined last year when he was still a few days old. He isn’t your normal baby who at one year old can crawl. His cerebellum wasn’t fully developed that’s why we have to take good care of him even more. He just stayed here for two days but it felt like we’ve been with him for years. I miss him.

When the clock struck 12 midnight, my nieces, sister and I screamed our throats out together. Out of fun, we jumped. As silly as it sounds, we did. That’s because of that saying about how someone can gain height by actually jumping when the clock hits 12. We stuffed ourselves with the usual. Times like that wouldn’t be complete without the stories everyone has experienced.

Later that day, we went to Taguig to visit our relatives. We have this yearly gathering at my aunt’s house and we’re used to staying there the whole day. We sang our hearts out, took pictures together, and laugh until our stomachs hurt. As always, there are annoying relatives but I guess there are things in life that even though no matter how those things annoy us, we’ll remember them when they’re gone. It’s better to enjoy something while it’s still there.


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