Rainy days and Mondays don’t usually let us down.


Look who’s showing off her new planner!

We’re really into study dates this semester. Accounting is getting harder and harder every single week. Starbucks at Northgate has been our safe haven. It’s different there. It’s more peaceful in that branch, the staff are friendly and the place simply has this comfortable and inviting environment.        

Our mid-term examination for Accounting will be on Saturday and we can’t seem to allocate our time properly in studying all the twelve chapters. We often do this peer discussion so we won’t be bugged at home thinking to death about how to analyze the problems. We know it’s not that practical to spend our time studying outside instead at home, but I think we can focus in that place more. Plus Chui badly wants to complete the stickers and then claim her long-awaited planner.


Apparently, she couldn’t seem to hide her excitement. She even *wildly* threw the plastic wrapper somewhere. She’s one happy kid. Hahaha

Now guys, isn’t that what photography is all about?! CAPTURING MOMENTS. Because I really couldn’t help myself not to laugh with her reaction that time.


Like what I’ve said, that place feels like home

I swear today was a struggle. Physical struggle. As the usual, I had to commute on the way there with my laptop and books with me. Until now, my shoulder hurts and a soothing body massage would do. Anyhow, we managed to study several chapters’ theory portion. I think we were somehow productive today.

We stayed there for about six hours and headed straight to school for our 3PM class. We were crossing the pedestrian while singing “I Knew You Were Trouble when it started raining. Talk about coincidence. The two of us were feeling like we’re Megan and Liz and we somehow did an effort of blending our voices just to get soaked. LOL. Maybe it’s the universe’s way of telling we should just keep our voice low. That kind of low that we’re the only ones hearing it.

And as usual, IT class was boring. We were just instructed to fill something out and write an essay. Our professor seemed to be on a vacation mode until now. Good thing he is ’cause we’re no different. And what I like about him is that he dismisses us way earlier than our dismissal time. We then went to Town. While AJ was busy buying a book, Chui and I roamed around the department store looking for a decent-sounding stack cups but we ended up buying nothing ’cause it’s too expensive for a normal cup. We just need it for the cup song in Pitch Perfect. I swear we can’t get over with how awesome the movie, plot and the casts were!! We’re gonna study the whole routine after Accounting exam and I’ll try to post the video. hohoho


I miss my Moo bag. hihihi

’til next time! Don’t forget to be awesome! xx


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