And I ask myself “Oh, how do I go on?”

We had our Accounting midterm exam earlier this morning and I’ve never been that nervous and excited at once. It took me more than a week to review all those twelve chapters. I didn’t exactly review non-stop for weeks but if you will add all those days, it’s no different. All along I thought I was already taking the board and not our midterm test. It’s a twelve page, 47 item exam consisting of theories and problems. I’ve always been an optimist, I must say. As far as I remember, I’ve never backed down. And it’s because of Him. Even though sometimes I couldn’t help not to stress myself, I still trust Him. Everything about the exam was a complete disaster. I got out of bed feeling hopeful but sadly, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be. I completely messed it up. Imagine reviewing all those chapters and trying to get all the information inside your brain just to be blown away in an instant. With what? I don’t know. I don’t blame anyone though. Our professor never forgets to do his job of teaching us the best way he can. If there’s someone to take the repercussions wholeheartedly, that would be me. Accounting never fails to suck out all my energy.

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Just because my morning didn’t seem to be great, it doesn’t mean my afternoon had to be that way too. An, Chui and I headed to Northgate to find a place to stuff our empty souls. There’s this new restaurant there named Adobo Connection and apparently, their dishes were all adobo-related. LMAO. The place was neat, the staff were friendly and most importantly, the food was something to go back for.

An was supposed to leave after lunch but since I insisted that we should sing our hearts out first before the day ends, we went to this amusement center and there we let everything out. By that, I mean our frustrations. Basically, it’s about everything that happened before that. I can’t remember how many songs we sang but one thing I remember is that I had so much fun. Being the crazy people that we are, we have videos. And I’m gonna upload it here soon! (so that only a few people will see hohoho)

When I got home, it felt like my mom sensed that I had a not-so-good day that she cooked some of my favorite food. You guys know how exhilarating it is to see your favorite food on the table being served!! And I love her forever. Best mom in the whole-wide world.

Maybe what I really want to say is that, just because I fail this time, doesn’t mean I’m gonna sit somewhere while watching myself moping through life. With His help and guidance, I can get through this. RIGHT. I’ll do better next time.

Dear God, I may not pass this major exam but I’m still getting a score above zero and I think that’s something to be thankful for, right? I love you!!  🙂

Now I’m asking myself, “How do I go on?”. My answer is that I just have to do my best and put my trust in Him. Always.

Hi there, stranger! Until next time! DFTBA. xx


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