‘Les Misérables’ day!

January 18, 2012


That was Sto. Niño’s first day celebration, we were only required to watch the annual CAS cheering competition that afternoon. Before we headed to school, we first watched the musical movie, Les Misérables. I wasn’t expecting much from it ’cause it’s a classic movie adaptation. whoopsy don’t get me wrong! I love  a few classics but I’m not really doting on those kinds. We agreed on watching the first show so I had to be there by 10.30. I was alone and it’s not a nice idea for me to wait all by myself so I went inside the bookstore and roamed around for quite a long time. I didn’t notice the time!! I was busying myself deciding on what book to buy. Buying the book of Les Mis had been on my mind for weeks but the thought of saving money is making me guilty. I was fighting the urge not to buy the book but unfortunately, I lost.        


Say hi to my new book!

Say hi to my book! 🙂

I can’t wait to read it this summer! I really really really want to start nosing that one but school pretty much eats my time and that 900 page book is definitely something. The movie was zakjklxhgafjlhg;. dang it!! Watching it on big screen was something I’ll never ever regret and forget! The casts were amazing. They nailed everything!! Samantha Barks nailed On My Own. Her character, Eponine, is something I can relate myself with. She’s the epitome of a lady who had been friend-zoned! dammit my friend and I made a funny noise when we almost screamed “ay na-friend-zoned!” with the way he looked at Marius. LOL. IT MADE MY HEART DROPPED A LITTLE. She was singing under the pouring rain with all these emotions. FROM BLISS TO FRUSTRATION. One of the best things in life is when someone is singing your favorite song and that person is giving justice to it! Justice you know you can never give hahahaha! And the Thenardiers played by Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter were askfhjlfdfgh. Sorry for using those nonsensical characters as adjective but they’re too awesome!! My friends and I were laughing our asses off every time they’re delivering their lines. Amazeballs. Oh and how can I forget Anne Hathaway?!?! She’s just flawless. I couldn’t help but to extend my sympathy for her character. She’ll always be the Prince of Genovia for me!! Love her so much! 🙂

We spent our afternoon watching the cheering competition and huzzah! These photos are living proofs of how bored we were! Hohoho.




With our favorite Accounting professor!! Miss Carpio! WE MISS HER!

Chui couldn’t contain the happiness when talking to Kuya Poch that we ended up pulling each other’s hair!! LMAO.

Until next time! DFTBA! xx


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