TGIF despite of our Accounting class tomorrow


Stolen shots are the best. hahahaha

We went to school six hours before our first class for our group study in Accounting. Yayy I like this photo so much. Candid photo is candid. Just look at how we occupied all the gazebos. BSA students are the best, I think. hohoho. Trying not to be biased here but guess I am at the moment. lmao.      


It doesn’t hurt to take a break once in a while. (me, John Rey, Chui and Grace)

Thanks to Grace who’s always been willing to help everyone who needs her. You can usually spot her tutoring someone who’s having a hard time understanding the lesson. She sometimes teaches me when I can’t seem to compress anything any longer from this fucked-up brain I have. And I’m really thankful. I call her my twin during PE class. We aren’t that sporty and we’re in the same group. You can notice our similarities when it comes to our physical capacities. Whoopsy not that she also has asthma but I swear we’re like sisters!


Crazyyyyyy? Alwayss


Photo booth, eh? 🙂

We had our lunch at Town and Chui was too busy finishing chapter 15 that she just tried going after us but she didn’t make it. We roamed around the mall just to kill time. We played at an amusement center inside the mall and my arms kind of hurt because of that basketball machine. The ball even got out of the machine’s perimeter. Stupidity at its best. Then there’s this mini-bowling wherein the scoreboard had some technical malfunction that it blocked out suddenly. duh


The girl’s too busy working on her masterpiece. lmao

During Philippine Literature class, we were given a copy of a poem entitled Gahasa and Ms Jean asked us to make a visual representation of the poem with social injustice as its theme. Oh boy, imagine me aching for some justice ’cause I can’t draw. Hahahaha! Bet you want to see the result? Oh well.



After Phil. Lit. class, there’s the ever-boring Marketing class where my classmates just reported an Economic-related topic so half the time I was just reading my new book, Go Ask Alice which I bought yesterday from the booksale.


Right after class, we headed to Soderno for that freaking food bazaar ’cause we’re starving just to know it’s not open yet!! Imagine our torment! Come on, boy. I hate that feeling. But the fountain near the place is pretty but it won’t satisfy my hunger.

On the way home while inside the passenger van, everyone was listening to a certain radio station when this joke was delivered. Dammit my friends and I couldn’t help but laugh because it’s so corny that everyone else at the back laughed with us. And I swear that scenario is just priceless. It’s like everyone knew each other so well and we’re like old friends having a great time. Hahahaha

It’s a tiring but lovely and productive day for all of us! I should be transferring my assignment on a new sheet of paper by now. LOL.

Until next time! DFTBA! xx


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