Awesome day is awesome!


After Accounting class with Sir Jerwin
(from left) AJ, Alec, Ate Pat, Sir Jerwin, Shen, Marix, Ysa, An and me

I don’t like Saturday classes. WELL I GUESS NOBODY DOES. But we got used to it since we don’t actually have a choice. We go to school every Saturday for our six-hour Accounting class filled with hope that that particular day will be great. Well this time, it actually is! I got a decent score in our quiz and after that, several of my friends and I decided to go somewhere. Just wind up a bit. Our professor (more like brother) was walking  along with us when we tried kidding about how he should go with us and relax too. His treat , of course. hohoho. And he said yes!

 Delectable, mouth-watering, heavenly doughnuts are people’s best friends! 🙂

Even though we only stayed there for about four hours, it felt like we talked about a year worth of stories. From school, dreams, frustrations, things that keep us going and busy at the same time. We feel comfortable around him. It’s like we’re not with our Accounting professor at all. He’s really cool and he’s just a year or two older than us. Woahkayy let me just tell some things about this cool guy we’re still trying to know better.

Like what I’ve said, he’s only a year or two older than us. He graduated a few years backed and he ranked 7 in the board exam during his time. He was also the champion of our school’s annual NCA Cup during his time. He’s not from a well-know college like the Big 4 but who says colleges like that can’t produce topnotchers?! He’s one of those people who didn’t like their course at first. He has always wanted to pursue education but due to financial difficulties, his parents asked him to choose another course instead. He studied in that school because of proximity and just chose a random course to take. There comes a time when he thought of stopping school when he couldn’t pursue education at all but his family insisted about his trying to take the exam. Stubbornness kicked in and he didn’t even bother finishing the test and knowing if he actually passed. It’s his sister who went to know about the result. It was those days when manual enlistment was the trend and he and his friends decided on taking Financial Management. They reached the end of the line just to know they’re on the wrong line all along. It’s the Accountancy department’s enlistment and FM’s slots were full. They took the hit. Take up Accountancy and whatever happens, happens.

He told us how he’s not one of those students who have streaks to maintain. He didn’t usually listen to his teachers and study his lessons yet he had managed to pass. How’d that happen? Well he has his edge and he used that to ‘trade’ that with others’. Then during his first week in school, he met his first Accounting professor that changed his views about school. He had found his motivation that day. He’s like, “First quiz namin nun sa Basic Accounting, anong topic ba ‘yun? Chapter 1! ‘yung Accounting equation. Eh three mistakes ako. Dinoktor ko. Ayun perfect ako. Nung tinanong kung sinong mga naka-perfect, nagtaas ako. ‘Pagka-lingon ko sa likod, naku! ako lang pala. Sabi ko wrong timing naman pandu-duktor ko. *smiles* Pinatayo niya ako sa gitna. Binigyan niya ako ng 100 pesos. Kada-perfect quiz daw, may reward. Kapag major exam, 2K! Dun na nag-start.” His professor grew fond of him ’cause of his performance inside the room. His professor even joked about how Sir Win was making money out of those quizzes. Hahaha! He told us how he wasn’t a part of the dean’s list during his first year in college and also how controversial his rank was during his second year. He ranked 4th, man!

Then everything followed. He did his best with his remaining years in college and how motivated he was because of those people who don’t believe in him and were so bitter that trying to bring him down became their thing. He waited for that time when those people swallowed their own words. And they did! Because of his professor who’s great friends with Atty. Valix (JPIAns know him by heart LOL), he was granted a full scholarship for the review class at CPAR. He became friends with Atty. Valix too! He was one of his batch’s Summa Cum Laude and ranked 7th during the board. Still, those people from his school don’t believe in him. THOSE BITTER ASSHATS DIDN’T HOST A TESTIMONIAL LUNCH FOR HIM. IMAGINE THAT. Oh well he’s got the title. Screw that lunch. 🙂

I guess he’ll always be an inspiration to all our little souls that he has touched.

He asked us a few things like the overly-cliche question, “Why did you take up Accountancy?”. Everyone in the table have different stories except me. I told him how this mind-blowing course has always been my choice since God knows I can’t remember when. I was like “GUSTO KO TALAGA. 🙂” And I’m proud to say that. I know from the very start that everything won’t be easy but still, I’ll try and do my best while going to where I want to be. People like him, God, my family and I myself, keep me going. Then there’s that part when we asked him about his first impression of us then they told me, “MAINGAY.” That was the first time somebody had that impression towards me. People often say I’m a snob and they’ve always been wrong ’cause I’m not but Sir got a different idea and he couldn’t have been more than right. LMAO. But I’m only talkative when I’m with people I’m comfortable with. We didn’t notice the time until Marix needed to go that we went with her also. It’s getting late too and everyone needs rest after six days at school. As with Sir’s case, school and work. By the way, he currently works at one of the country’s Big 4 audit firms. 🙂

It feels great knowing you have someone to look up to. Someone who can be an inspiration to others. I think Sir Win is our own John Keating.

Dear God,

Thank You for this day. I feel blessed with all the things I have and I accomplished today.  Thank You for putting a smile on my face when sometimes I can’t remember how and why. Thank You for making me see the beauty in the little things and how these things, when stitched together can bring something wonderful. THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU. ALWAYS.

“A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” – Walter Bagehot

Until next time, beautiful! DFTBA! xx


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