Shen’s birthday celebration


ImageImageImageImageImageWe all had an awesome Saturday. Photos taken at Giligan’s ATC. After Accounting class, we headed there for Shen’s post-birthday celebration.  T’was so much fun!  🙂

I think it’s kind of odd how she invited us when we’re not that super duper close to her and that she didn’t tell those people she used to go with. Today’s actually not her birthday. It was last Thursday but because of the schedule, she decided on celebrating it today. Yayy I’m wishing her all the best. Even though some people think she’s fake, I still believe that she’s really nice and a good person by heart. She’s sweet and bubbly. I hope everyone can see that and not her sullen side. I guess we can’t always be real and be that way people want us to be but I know our world would have been a better place if we try to see the goodness in other people, no matter how tiring and difficult that could be.

I’m exhausted.

Until next time! DFTBA! xx


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