Air hunger.


Asdjhjahdjlkl okay guys I can’t believe this. Jerry Spinelli tweeted me!! All along I thought it’s not possible to see your tweets if they’re protected but I don’t know how it happened. I didn’t mention him directly! All I can remember is that a week ago, I posted a photo of my new Stargirl copy as an addition to my collection and then now ajdsgkjhajs. I’m the happiest human being in the world right now. My favorite children’s book author tweeted me! Even though the chance of him writing a third book for the Stargirls series is remote, I still wouldn’t mind waiting even if it means waiting in vain. But seriously. I love Susan “Stargirl” Caraway. She’s one of my favorite literary characters ever! If only there is more Stargirl in this world, I’m hella sure this place would be so much brighter.

I just can’t… ughhh. I almost fainted when I got to read this tweet.

Until next time!! DFTBA! 🙂


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