Summer Class 2013: Random happenings.


I love my nanay.

  • Hi, people! I want you to meet my nanay (mother). It’s not like she’s my real mom. That’s funny to hear. I just got used calling her that way. Do you guys know what I love about her? She knows how to listen. Whenever I’m with her I feel like I can always be who I am. She doesn’t judge me if I seem to be irrational at times. I can always rant because I know she would understand. She always knows what to say. Every dismissal we almost go to some place every day to eat something. That’s our quality time together. Yesterday we went to this cake house in Molito and stayed there for several hours. The moment we left the place it was raining. We went to a lot of stores trying to find a cheap umbrella and we didn’t find any. It’s funny how we separated ways soaking wet. It’s so much fun.
  • Ross celebrated her 19th birthday last April 24th. By the way, they’re the ones I hang with this summer. I love the fact that they don’t harbor hate. Just love.
  • We passed our project which looks more like a shark rather than a wind generator. Hahaha! It’s so pretty and we got exempted in our major test because of that. At first we thought we’re gonna lose it. Our professor told us we need to have the highest voltage and there was something that happened because of the battery limit my friend’s dad planted inside the system. It’s quite complicated to explain but we still got a perfect score because we’re the group who tend to make an exact replica of the whole interior part.
  • Yesterday too, May 3rd, was a not so good day, our first class sucked. The night before that I was writing a paper for that class. We were asked to write a paper and the subject is our classmate, Chelsea. Yes. Chelsea. Just imagine how difficult it was for me to weave the right words for that. Just ugh. Yesterday we read it in front and I wanted the ground to eat me down. Alive. It’s funny how a lot of people talked about her like they’ve known her all their lives. Well. Then there’s this one girl who mentioned my name about being best friends with Chelsea and how she knew about her birthday because I asked her a few weeks back to record a video dedication. God. That was awkward. I wanted to scream If we’re really best friends she shouldn’t have judged me too soon! So shut up or you’ll fly with that paper starting from this place.
  • Yesterday we made our personal graffiti. We taped a blank paper on our back and asked everyone to comment. Just anything. Positive or negative. It was fun. That was the second time I participated in that kind of activity. Here’s what I’ve got. One said I’m industrious. Four people said I’m smart. Five people said I’m a very reserved person. Two people think I’m a snob. Someone wrote the word BOOKWORM diagonally in all caps like I’m not aware of it. Someone said I’m frank. Nine people said I’m kind. Hehe I’m flattered, really. Another person thinks I’m helpful! Two people said I’m pretty. I don’t know why they’ve said that.
  • I’ve been venting my spleen to three people this summer. They’re nanay, Grace and Tina. I just love them. They don’t judge me. THEY LISTEN. Knowing they’re there is more than enough. I’m thankful ’cause God gave me these people.

(from left) Me, Nanay, Rosy, Tina


Go Team Shark! (from left) Tina, me, Nanay, Rosy, Kathy

This is the problem with dealing with someone who is actually a good listener. They don’t jump in on your sentences, saving you from actually finishing them, or talk over you, allowing what you do manage to get out to be lost or altered in transit. Instead, they wait, so you have to keep going. — Sarah Dessen (Just Listen)


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