‘Buitiful’ Jackie.

Day 5, May 5th, Sunday: Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends. What makes them great? Why do you love them? If you don’t have blogger friends, talk about a real-life friend or even a family member.


Meet Jacqueline Bui.

We’ve been online buddies for several years now. Since high school I’ve been totally obsessed with quotations. I had this habit of searching quotes and printing  everything that touched me. I stumbled upon this tumblog with a certain quote from One Tree Hill. At first I thought it was a movie then I kept scrolling on that page. The blog belongs to Jackie. It was never my intention to stay on that page but I ended up reading the entirety of it. I fell in love with the way she writes. I’ve learned that she’s always wanted to be a writer, somebody like Carrie Bradshaw. I was all like “such an amazing writing, amazing blog, the page is so pretty!!” I didn’t know anything about tumblr not until I found her blog. Right there and then I created my own account and I filled it with quotes. I followed her right after making my page and being the ever-nice person that she is, she followed me back.

She’s a Psychology graduate and those days I was still in high school and in the verge of deciding for a course to take in college. I asked her about being a student and being the pied ninny that I was, I told her, “How’s being a psycho student?”. Yes, reader. I said ‘psycho’. I couldn’t stop laughing after realizing what I just said. Everything else follows. We started talking since then. She’s really approachable and you couldn’t really tell how protective she is when it comes to her younger sister. She actually reminds me of Holden Caulfield. You know how Holden was protective of Phoebe. Like that.

We’re oceans apart but it feels like I have an older sister online and that’s her.

She inspired me to write. I can tell she sometimes feels like she’s not good enough but Jackie, I know you’re reading this, you’re too good. I swear. You really are amazing and if you ever feel like you’re not good enough, just remember someone here who aspires to be someone like you. You’re an independent, loving, humble and beautiful human being with a beating heart.

Don’t forget to be supercalifragilisticexpialidociousy awesome!! ALWAYS.



2 thoughts on “‘Buitiful’ Jackie.

  1. JANE YOU ARE THE SWEETEST! I really do love you and you are like a sister to me too! I was like bouncing up and down when I saw your tweet this morning when I was at work, thinking how ironic that we both were writing about each other! I couldn’t publish mine because it wasn’t finished – I fell asleep doing homework and still had to finish up the blog, but I was just so excited that we both thought of each other!! 🙂 Reading this made me so happy!!

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