My dear floor, crack open!

Day 10, May 10th, Friday: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill.

Oftentimes I try to dig deep in this messed-up brain of mine what my most embarrassing moment was. I always end up giving up. I seriously couldn’t think of an instance which I can consider as the most humiliating moment, but now I have one! This just happened last Valentine’s Day. Before I tell you what happened that day, here’s my tumblr post a year ago to give you an idea.


That was October 12th last year. I didn’t have an idea who that person was, but after a week or so, he admitted it. I could sense he was trying to ask about being more than friends and whatnot. I thought I made it clear about how I feel. He’s friendzoned in a way. All along I was thinking that he wouldn’t do something of some sort again. He gave me a book last Christmas and I swear I wasn’t trying to be mean. I didn’t accept it, but I thanked him. I really appreciate it, but I just couldn’t afford to disappoint him. You know, put his hopes up for nothing. 

That was the second time, and I thought he’s already given up. I was wrong.

Now here’s the moment. February 14th, 2013. Our second class that morning was Microeconomics and we had our quiz that day. We were about to start our quiz when a classmate of ours went in front and he was holding a guitar! We’re all like Yiheeee ’cause we thought he’s going to sing for our classmate, but then again we were wrong. This guy I was talking about entered and he started singing a certain song while the other guy was playing the guitar. Talk about hidden agenda. HE WAS SERENADING ME. In that moment, I swear I wanted the floor to crack open and eat me alive. It lasted for several minutes and I know I looked like I drank a liter of vinegar. It seemed like my blood abandoned me. I was furious because everyone was laughing. I wanted to walk out of the room that time, but then I remembered my quiz. The rest was history. Things I don’t wanna remember.

A few weeks after the incident, I was still mad whenever someone mentions about it, but now I couldn’t help but laugh. That was embarrassing and funny. Good thing everything’s okay now. I reckon he’d never try again. Up until now it’s still kinda awkward since we’re in the same block. Just hoping for the best.

Embarrassment is the worst! It’s the feeling of having your entire body go numb and not knowning what to do with yourself for that one moment — Miley Cyrus, Miles To Go


7 thoughts on “My dear floor, crack open!

  1. Just like in movies 😀 Well, poor guy, what can he do…you’re too pretty for him to not fall for 😉 Must have been really very awkward while it was happening!

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