Sometimes all you need is a good rant.

Okay. I know I should have posted this for day 22, but it’s already day 23 here in the Philippines. Time check. It’s 6.31 in the morning and since it’s still summer vacation, I should be sleeping by this time. I’m sorry but I really just need to let this all out.

An hour ago everyone was still dozing and my mom and niece were up so early to go somewhere. I was still sleeping, remember? My mom woke me up because my sister called and she wants to talk to us (my sister and I) ASAP. According to her, there will be change of plans. It’s plain okay if she wanted us to get up that early, but the fact that she’s going to whine is annoying. As per usual. Reader, if you’ve gotten this far, I think you should top reading. I’ll babble, as always and you wouldn’t understand. I swear.

She started talking about this sudden change of plan and I, I mean we hate the fact that she had to repeat everything she had to say a million times. I’m not overreacting here. She usually repeats everything more than she should like we can’t comprehend every single word she has to say. Gosh. Imagine that kind of thing being experienced by people who didn’t have enough hours of sleep.

Aside from the fact that she repeats herself constantly, her tone wasn’t friendly nor sympathetic. I resent talking to her at times. She’s used to asking questions and soliciting other people’s opinion when in fact she’s already made up her mind about certain things. Seriously, sis??? You need not ask us if even before you talk to us, you’ve decided. Also, stop acting like you actually care ’cause it shows that you don’t. You cancelled all the plans because you yourself want to pursue new things for yourself. Even though we’re more than willing to arrange things, not a single eyelash of yours is open to the idea. WHY DID YOU EVEN ASK IN THE FIRST PLACE?

We understand that you need things more than we can imagine, but please. Stop rubbing it in!! We can clearly understand everything you have to say. Also, stop mentioning other people when everything’s being thought by you, okay?? Thanks for that breakfast, okay?!

K thanks bye!



2 thoughts on “Sometimes all you need is a good rant.

  1. if someone wakes me in an ungodly hour, I will not be nice. I don’t care if the queen of England personally calls me up! So the fact that your sister is still alive I’d say you handle the situation just fine.

    Nap time later!

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