Uhm, hi?

Note: Don’t read this if you’re not from my school. You’re too wonderful to be reading this.

To everyone from school who’s reading this blog:

Hello. I don’t know who you guys are and how you even found this page of mine. There’s this blog visits somewhere here and every single day that I get to see the list, I know some people ¬†from school are reading my page occasionally. Just thinking about that makes me sick in the stomach. I’m such a privy person and I don’t like it when people pry. I’ve moved from tumblr because the longer I stay there, the more I feel like I’m losing my personal space. Another thing, just the fact that you even wasted your time looking for my url was just something. If you’ve got nothing to do, oh please. You better try that thing called ‘getting a life’. What I write here are nobody else’s business. If you’ve got nothing good to say and you just want to put your nose on someone else’s life, just please. Stop. You’re not welcome here. Also, please stop assuming that everything I’m writing here is about you guys. Ain’t no time for people like you. Please just stay away from my labyrinth.



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