This Life Is Sweeter Than Fiction

I don’t sound totally obsessed with Taylor’s new song, do I?


Don’t you just love it when life can be such a wicked witch at times and without you knowing it, you could actually break the spell that was cast on you? Uhmm, you don’t get it? Me neither. Yeah, but kidding aside, it’s just wonderful to rekindle a friendship with someone.  I had read once about how you’re supposed to not miss people who don’t miss you at all. For the past six months that we’re not uttering a single syllable to each other, we went separate ways. By that, we joined different sets of friends. Mine just happened to be more mature, more understanding, more trustworthy *insert more positive traits here* than hers.  I’m not saying they’re not; all I’m saying is that some people really are greater when it comes to a few things. Within those excruciating months, it was like a battle of who’s better at ignoring the other. I’m perfectly good at that, I must say. LOL. I thought I was the only one who wanted everything to be the same again, but I was terribly wrong. It was a horrible idea at first, but  there are things that are never late for some reasons. Things like rebuilding a friendship. I didn’t know why we didn’t sort out things the way we should have way earlier. I didn’t know why my stubbornness got the better of me. I didn’t know why she had to listen to her friends. I didn’t know why we both looked past of the important matters that we should have better taken care of. Despite all of that, I think it’s no longer important to recall some things. There are moments when constantly looking back in the past just gives you this flipping feeling in the stomach. You’ll just know it’s a waste of time. Instead, why not focus on the present? This is why as much as possible, I don’t want to mention here all the gory details that happened these past months. October wasn’t so good, given that it’s my birth month. How cool’s that? Oh! I learned a few things, though!

  • Crying can be such a great way to release tension, pain, pressure. Name it and nothing can be cured by it, maybe not permanently, but at least you’ll feel better.
  • There are some people who you can’t hate. It’s when they keep on disappointing you, yet you can’t force yourself to dislike them, at the very least.
  • No matter how hard you try to see goodness in someone, you’ll just tire yourself. Even that person seems to have given up on that a long time ago.
  • You can’t expect people to like you. I, myself, wasn’t born a pleaser, but at least I know how to show respect even if the person in front of me has the attitude of someone you want to constantly punch in the face. They can at least respect you, can’t they? I’m not so sure about that anymore. No matter how kind you treat others, some people don’t just feel like appreciating it. They’ll always think you’re being fake, that you’re thinking of something deep down inside.
  • You can’t trust anyone but yourself. It’s pretty much self-explanatory.
  • I know people do change, but it’s just lately that I realized how they can completely turn into the people they swore they’d never be. It’s like you don’t know them any longer. All you see is a shadow of someone who was once there.
  • It’s true! It’s difficult not being able to eat given that the reason is pressure and pain. I missed my appetite. Thank God, it’s back!
  • Nothing beats the feeling of being surrounded by people who reek of positivity. They’re the ones who you can just love and love and love no matter what.
  • Being called something bad by someone who’s being eaten down by her own insecurity doesn’t hurt. It only shows how immature that person can be.

Reader, I think there still are missing pieces of the puzzle about this whole thing that happened, inside your head. I’m sorry if I can’t make you understand everything the way I desperately want you to. It’s just that so much had happened and they’re sort of irrelevant to be remembered. Life’s too short to fill this blog with nonsensical things but pure awesomeness. I was indeed an emotional wreck and in spite all those things, I couldn’t believe I even joked about how I should have written a book about how melodramatic I was. I laugh ’til my sides hurt whenever I remember how much of a mess I was. Maybe this is because I read too much fiction, but there’s no such thing as too much when reading, right? Anyway, this is becoming some sort of a novel here. Bye! DFTBA.

And in this perfect weather
It’s like we don’t remember
The rain we thought would last forever and ever

– Sweeter Than Fiction, Taylor Swift


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