I’m Taking Pictures in My Mind So I Can Save Them For a Rainy Day

A very late post from me.


yay hi there, kuya gar!!

December 17th marked our first day of Christmas vacation and you might be wondering why I’m mentioning that. We had been dreading for that since school resumed after sem break. Seriously. Anyway, my friends and I arranged a slumber/Christmas party right after our last day. We agreed on staying at baby girl’s (Jan) place for a night and simply have fun. I was with a few of my favorite people in this planet for almost two days and those days I had so much fun, I must say. December 19th, that was Thursday morning we met at this mall near Jan’s place and they picked me up. We headed straight to their pad to drop our things and also to wait for Luella. Because we’re all lazy to cook something, we just decided to have our lunch at the mall. Thanks to Kuya Gar for driving us to and fro. Kuya, you’re the best! 

While still in the mall we had had this impromptu kris kringle draw lots before each one of us went for a journey to find a perfect gift. LMAO. Do I really have to use the word journey? We spent almost an hour looking for a perfect gift for the person we got to pick.  What I’m saying is confusing, I know.



After that we had gone back to the place and then organized our things that looked like a pile of garbage. I’m serious with that. We just left it there because we were in a hurry and I don’t know why. We exchanged gifts and I received books from Jan, which I will include in my next post as part of my December reads.

Luella brought a microphone and a videoke set for us to use the whole night. We even asked permission from some people if we can use it inside the condo unit, but to our dismay I think she bagged the wrong CD or what. The CD wouldn’t play and we downheartedly put it aside. Huhu. My friends and I are all frustrated singers, if you want to know.

After grieving for a few minutes about our failed singing career, if you call that a career lmao, we changed clothes so we could just swim our lungs out.


faces of unprepared mundanes


our cutest baby girl (Jan) hahaha she seemed a bit shy in this photo

our cutest baby girl (Jan) hahaha she seemed a bit shy in this photo


i thought it’s a wacky shot lmao

We spent a few hours practicing our swimming skills (if we have such thing haha), talking endlessly, singing loudly and knocking one another underwater. Chicken fights never get old too. And I like riding on someone during fights. Ha! Dahl wasn’t able to sleep with us, though. She had to go home that same night. 😦 Never do I remember a time when her parent actually let her stay somewhere overnight. 😦

What else could we do? Take innumerable photos. Vanity at its worst.

The three of us watched a movie that night and it’s actually a local movie. We bought the CD from a vendor outside the chateau. AND I REGRET WATCHING IT. Basically I, or should I say we, wasted almost two hours seeing it. I feel sorry for the electricity we did consume. Hahaha. The story line is pointless and I don’t see how this mainstream cinema produced something like that.  It’s a total disaster. Don’t let me say the title. Just please.


good morning faces

The next morning we rushed to the nearest convenience store to buy some stuff that we needed for making pancakes. We made use of everything that’s inside Jan’s kitchen cabinets. We were like four-year-old kids playing house, trying to survive on our own.

We didn’t leave until noon and the traffic was just unthinkable. The roads seemed to be in permanent gridlock and I swear I wouldn’t want to experience that ever again.

That two days reminded me of all the things I missed. Free days. Late-night sleeps. Endless talks. No alarm clocks to remind us of our hell. I mean school. Haha. I’m missing a lot.

Now that this whole Christmas vacation is about to end, I can’t help but feel sad that everything went by so fast. Ugh. And I don’t like it that once we get back, we’re again to be confined in our school with midterm exams welcoming us. Just wow.

Bye, reader! Until next time! DFTBA.

The title of this post is from Taylor Swift’s song, Stay Beautiful.

True friends are families which you can select. — Audrey Hepburn


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