Electoral Board


Electoral Board 2013-2014 (photo taken after the general election) with our moderator, Sir PJ


during the Lions Roar (031314)


Elbow shot

One thing that I’m really grateful for is this new family that I got the chance to be a part of — our school’s electoral board. Never did I imagine being one of the members of this club, because I’m more of an academics person. Aside from our co-curricular club, JPIA and the other club that just grew on me, Rotaract, I thought that was it. But luckily, before this semester ends, I met this awesome group of people. Before, they were just mere faces I see roaming around the campus premises. Maybe they even were the ones I bumped into before and didn’t mind. People who were so busy being their awesome selves that they didn’t notice me, either. But hey, who would expect that Chui, Mark and I would be a part of this team? All thanks to Toffee, of course. I am thankful to be with them even for just a short span of time, and it makes me sad that I can no longer be one of the facilitators for the next year’s election about my being the president of Rotaract. Still, it was nice to remember being one of the ElBo.


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