March 6, 2013


(from left to right) Chui’s, mine, AJ’s and An’s

I’m really not into milk tea but after a sumptuous lunch and an exhausting PE class because of the weather, it’s pretty unthinkable not to get anything cold. There’s this Japanese tea house in BF and I swear their Winter Melon Latte is a must try even for those who think it’s  too sweet or whatnot. Honestly, I’m pretty much allergic to spending these days. I’m in dire need to save for my guitar and book fund but I can’t say no to food. The store’s having these coupons for their sales promotion tool and yes. I do love it. NO ONE HATES COUPONS, I presume. As with our cups, we had fun writing our crushes’ initials on the cup. This is just too cute not to post. School’s keeping me busy and few more weeks left and it’s officially the start of summer!! We still have summer classes but at least the loads won’t be as heavy as the regular sem’s. I just want this sem to be over! 🙂