Micah Turns 18

One of my high school friends, Micha, just turned 18 last night and she had this fabulous party at Vivere Hotel with its theme, Golden Globes Award. After months of preparation, everything went the way the organizers had planned it to be. They got to choose a place that’s classy and wide enough to accommodate a great number of guests. Cameras were everywhere and the ones in charge made an immense effort of capturing every single second of this once in a lifetime event in a girl’s life.


nice seats yay for table 2


snapshots of the venue ’cause we were too early



i swear i checked the menu right away.. hungry dino here haha


the stunning debutante in her lavender gown with her escort, Ian 🙂


with flory (i should have worn a killer heels haha)


with flory and aira


(from left) Labzy, Flory, Reignel and me


the dynamic duo, Charlene and Migs, hosting the party


cutie patootie invitation, eh?

Of course the usual 18 stuff were there, from flowers, shoes, wines to songs. Those were not your typical 18s. The emcees added twists so the party would be more fun. It’s supposed to be that way, right? Like, instead of a simple toast in honor of the debutante, it was some kind of a quiz. Fact or fiction. If the person gets the statement correct, he has to do nothing. Otherwise, the DJ would play a song and the poor guy/girl would dance to the beat. Haha. I couldn’t get their faces out of my mind. It’s like they’re saying, “WHY THE HELL AM I DOING THIS?”. As for the shoes, we were asked to walk the red carpet like a socialite. That’s what according to them. Gosh I was super duper awkward. Can’t imagine it? Me neither.


(from left) Jabe, Aira, me, Flory, Cams

free lancers

with Reignel and Flory.. GAHHH I MISSED THESE TWO SO MUCH

I got to hang out with my old friends. Old in a way that it’s been a while since I last mingled with them. Last night’s party served as a semi-reunion for us. Haha. Being with them made me feel like I’ve had missed so much. I was too busy with my own matters that I forgot how it’s like enjoying, but I’m not sorry in the very least. I guess I learned to love my life, my routines, and whatnots. Talking with them only shows that even if a lot of things have changed in our own respective lives, nothing big has changed with the way we act towards each other. Same old. Same old. And I like it that way. That’s a form of escapism for me.


with Flory and Aira, again


with Joan


with Micah P. and Joan


Dear Mi-cha,

Happy, happy, happy cake day to you. A girl like you deserves everything you have right now in your life. You’ve always been blessed and you know that, don’t you? Wanna know why? Because you’ve always been a blessing, too in the lives of all the people whom you have touched. You’ve always been one of those people who wished nothing but the best in everyone. Even though we were only classmates for a few years, you were a genuine friend to everyone, even to me. We may not be that close as we were once back in high school, I know you’re there. Even though we only talk online and it’s rare ’cause we’re both busy, there’s this piece of me that tells me that I can count on you. You never chose your friends. You never showed other people that they don’t matter. You were always there to boost their confidence, no matter how hard it is for you to even boost your own. You’re one of the most friendliest, jolliest, and selfless person I know. You know how to share your blessings. Don’t you ever change, dear!! Unless of course, if it’s for the better. Again, happy cake day. Mwah! :*

Your pretty (according to you) friend,


Until next time, reader! DFTBA!! xx

 I like to think of birthdays as celebrating life.— Ednah Walters


Shen’s birthday celebration


ImageImageImageImageImageWe all had an awesome Saturday. Photos taken at Giligan’s ATC. After Accounting class, we headed there for Shen’s post-birthday celebration.  T’was so much fun!  🙂

I think it’s kind of odd how she invited us when we’re not that super duper close to her and that she didn’t tell those people she used to go with. Today’s actually not her birthday. It was last Thursday but because of the schedule, she decided on celebrating it today. Yayy I’m wishing her all the best. Even though some people think she’s fake, I still believe that she’s really nice and a good person by heart. She’s sweet and bubbly. I hope everyone can see that and not her sullen side. I guess we can’t always be real and be that way people want us to be but I know our world would have been a better place if we try to see the goodness in other people, no matter how tiring and difficult that could be.

I’m exhausted.

Until next time! DFTBA! xx