Who’s giving up?


From the book ‘Chicken Soup for the Cancer Survivor’s Soul’

I started reading this book last week during our ever-boring Marketing class. Thank God I brought my sister’s Kindle and while the reporters are reading their reports, whoopsy. I mean, reporting, I started reading the book. For some reasons I can’t put into words, I just feel like giving this book a chance. I wanna get inspired. That’s it. I want to see how people who had been severely affected by this disease live their lives the way they’re supposed to. I don’t mean to make myself feel better by knowing that other people’s situations are way worse than mine. Instead, I want them to be my inspiration to make it through everything I’ve been going through lately. After a week, I continued reading this book again. Whenever I have the time, I try to read at least three stories. The next time I read it, I was waiting for my friend to finish prepping up for school. I waited for an hour and I didn’t realize how the book consumed me that much. Even when we were already inside the car, I was still nosing the book and trying not to mind everyone around. I could not help but cry every time I found a part that has deeply touched my heart. Then there was this part entitled “Never Give Up”. I was like, what’s so special with this when the rest of the book is actually about not giving up? I read it thoroughly thinking that this has to be something. Then there’s Winston Churchill’s story. It gave me goosebumps. Really. I can’t explain but it’s definitely something.

Never give up. No matter how cliche it sounds, that phrase is what keeps me going. Anger and sadness are only for those who have given up. I’ll try not to be sad and angry even though life is being so harsh on me these days. I’m thinking that if millions of people made it through their own tough times, I surely can make it through this horror.

Who’s giving up? Definitely not me!!

Until next time! DFTBA! 🙂

“Ad astra per aspera. ― Lucius Annaeus Seneca