They Say the Best Love Is Insane

Chui and I watched TFiOS on its first day, as what my movie ticket shows. *throws confetti* Heaven knows how long I waited for that and at first I was afraid that I might be disappointed of it being made into a film. Thank God it’s close to perfection.


The movie was insanely good. Two years had passed and the book still gave me that same feeling I experienced when I first read it — perpetual sadness. It’s mind-blowingly awesome and definitely one of the best book-to-movie adaptations I have seen. I’m not even overplaying everything I’m saying here. It’s really good. The casts, the  music, almost everything. Shailene and Ansel were perfect for the roles. There was no trace of the Prior siblings, trust me. AND Ed Sheeran’s song as one of the official soundtracks? God must have favored the Nerdfighters when the whole production team was working on it.


How about a selfie from us?

Our eyes were still kind of puffy after crying so hard during the movie. We even waited for the credits to finish before we get out of the theatre. Chui was kidding that maybe there’s a part two. Haha! We both had a good cry. It’s not like we planned on bringing the Nile River there. It’s just that we just found ourselves swimming in the pool of our own tears. We watched at SM BF and tried their 32-seat theatre, which they call the Director’s Club. Their La-Z Boy leather couches were overly comfortable. How I wished I had those pampering sofas at home.


There were a few dialogues that were changed and several scenes that were cut, as per usual. It’s totally understandable to do that since it’s quite a long book. But what I can’t comprehend is the fact that John’s cameo made it to the cutting department. That just made me sad. I was waiting for him to appear on screen and wow. I got nothing. Again, it’s sad. But it didn’t make the movie less of a great movie that it was.


I think it’s plain disappointing that majority of the people I know who have read the book only focused on that cigarette metaphor that Augustus never failed to point out. What about water? I see it’s not given enough emphasis. I truly believe that John Green is some sort of a genius to be that amazing. Two drowning teens in a drowning city. Perfectly crafted.

 Okay. ― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

PS: Dear best friend, okay? Okay.

The title of this blog post is from Coldplay’s What You Wanted.


032014: We are whatever we choose to be.


i wasn’t informed that i should have mimicked theo’s pose lmao

Our movie date was supposedly today but because of some reasons, we pushed it through yesterday. It was timely, given that it was the first day of showing and my mind, body and soul were more than ready to be thoroughly and irretrievably damaged by the movie. Thankfully, the movie did the book justice. Of course there were some essential parts that they got rid of, but I guess that’s  simply inevitable. If they’d put every gory detail into action, I can’t imagine what date we would be leaving the cinema. And yey! I watched it with my dauntless friend. Have I mentioned it before how this book/movie has become a big part of our friendship? I guess not.. yet? Okay. I read this book almost two years ago in the midst of an upcoming major exam. I bought Divergent on impulse, after reading the intriguing reviews at the back. And oh, plus the pretty cover. I’m not even sorry to say this but I got a low score on my Accounting quiz because of not reviewing and spending the whole night nosing the book. IT WAS AWESOME. Fast forward to December that year when this friend, who happened to be Chui, was having a rough month because of some people. So I did give her my very own copy of the book because I know she’s capable of so much more, that she’s dauntless. And she proved me right. I guess if there’s a book that signifies our friendship, it’s Divergent. While watching, I couldn’t help but see myself in Christina’s character and Chui’s in Tris’. Candor and Abnegation to Dauntless. Reader, I hope you do get me.

It felt weird seeing Miles Teller acting as Peter when a few months back I was just watching Spectacular Now. Oh well, Shailene, Ansel and Miles really are in demand. I don’t know if there’s a shortage of actors these days. Then on August I would be seeing Shailene and Ansel as Hazel and Gus. Not that I’m against it, but thank God I still have a few months more to get over this image of them being the Prior siblings. LOL. AND BY THE WAY, VERONICA ROTH’S CAMEO WAS PERFECT.

Forget about labels. Candor, Erudite, Amity, Abnegation or Dauntless, we are whatever we choose to be.

Until next time, reader! DFTBA.

I have a theory that selflessness and bravery aren’t all that different. — Veronica Roth (Divergent (Divergent, #1))

031014: March Book Haul

haggard face + house clothes = pretty best friend is still pretty

25 books on the first day


When I saw NBS’ post on their facebook page about their first warehouse sale this year, I checked the venue right away. Goodness gracious. It’s so near our school that finally, someone would have the courage (lol) to come with me. I just remember the last and first warehouse sale I went to. Nobody would want to go on an adventure with me so I went alone, even if it meant riding the train alone for the first time. It took all the dauntless feeling I had that day. Anyway, this time, Chui was with me. It was the first day of sale and the store didn’t expect an exaggeratedly large number of bibliophiles from different places to stop whatever they’re doing at the moment just to check on the books.  It was tiring, yes. But looking at all these awesome babies that I got the chance to adopt, it was worth it. Fatigue isn’t part of my vocabulary when book hauls are involved.

I was so happy that day.

Being in a relationship, that’s something you choose. Being friends, that’s just something you are. [But] I do pick you. We’ve been friends too long to pick, but if we could pick, I’d pick you. — John Green (Will Grayson, Will Grayson)

January 18, 2014: Gayle Forman in Manila


Apparently the title says it all.  New York Times Bestselling author of If I Stay and Where She Went, Gayle Forman, had booked a flight here for two days to promote the second book of her second series, Just One Year. The events were scheduled January 18-19. So yesterday my best friend and I had the chance to meet her and had our books signed. It’s already our second time attending an event like that and just like last year, we were ecstatic about the whole thing. Some things never changed, like I still went with my best friend, we felt like it’s our first time, and how we went there even though we’re not done with all of Gayle’s books yet.


sup 118 and 119

The registration started at exactly 10 AM, the moment the bookstore opened its doors for us bookworms. And we arrived at 10 AM just to get numbers 118 and 119. Oh my. We didn’t expect that. Last year, when we went to Tahereh and Ransom’s book signing, we got numbers 20 and 21. What does that mean? Haha. Anyway, we considered ourselves lucky compared to a friend of ours who unfortunately was given 292.


me, jhedi and chui

The friend I was referring to was Jhed. She’s an old friend from high school, but we still have this constant contact to each other. And oh, she was with me during the MIBF last year. Hopefully we can hang out more often, if our schedules permit.


candid shot, eh? chui reading a children’s book she got from a nearby shelf

For several hours the registration table seemed to have this never-ending line of awesome bookish people — both teens and adults. We roamed around the mall, window shopped, talk about the most random things, and laugh about the most stupid jokes while waiting for the event proper.

ImageWe spent most of our waiting time sitting on the carpet with our backs against the bookshelves. We talked, read, and listened to music to kill time. We sat with our eyes directly seeing Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. And then I remembered Beatrice and how Lemony (or should I say, Daniel) wrote all these books for her with these wrenching dedication pages that made our hearts melt. It’s painful.


At 30 past four Gayle finally arrived. I didn’t expect her to be that.. hyper, I guess? She basically had this 101% of energy while going to the stage, and the next minute I couldn’t hear my voice while I tried talking to Chui. The crowd got overly excited and they, including me, had a hard time setting down. Before she even let the interviewer talk, Gayle asked everyone to wave their books so she could take a selfie with us in the background. She’s adorable.

That same old woman who interviewed Tahereh and Ransom last year was also the one who had the chance to interview Gayle. I’m sorry to say this, but I think the event planners could have gotten a better one. Hearing the other people inside the room comment about her punctuated it all. Oh well, what could we do? Maybe next time she might consider avoiding looking at her cue card every time she talks.

Gayle talked about her books, how this transition from being a journalist to being a YA writer happened, and how she painstakingly wrote If I Stay after something really tragic happened to someone she knew. There were three people in the room who asked her things about her writing and an advice she could give for all the aspiring young writers. She’s amazing and hilarious.  The forum lasted for almost an hour and the moment everyone was waiting for, the signing of books, had began.


more like a pandemonium


they said foods and drinks are not allowed inside the bookstore; we said it’s allowed LMAO

Reader, you can’t blame us for eating inside the venue. My stomach’s been rumbling for what seemed like forever and Chui gave me my favorite. Huhu. Seriously, reader. I think I fell in love with Kripy Kreme even more. And oh! Remember we’re 118 and 119. It took us more than an hour after the forum to have our turn.


oh i love her hair


Miss Gayle Forman with yours truly (excuse my face)

On another note, what I love the most about Miss Gayle is that she’s a frustrated singer like me. 🙂


Miss Gayle and Chui



She gave everyone this cutesy bookmark she had printed the night before her events. Such a sweetie.



Another memorable day to document, isn’t it? Aside from meeting one of my favorite authors, what’s so important to me is being reunited with my best friend. Everything last year seemed to be on a roller coaster that only goes down (TFiOS alert lmao). I missed her and I know we’re both trying to make it up to each other. Finally we choose to look behind the cracks. Remember last time I was with her when Tahereh and Ransom went here? Yayy me too. Haha. By the way, she’s my fave doughnut buddy in the entire universe. I’m grateful that we’re okay now, (well, okay is an understatement) and I’m looking forward to attend more book signings with her. I know you’re happy for me, reader. DFTBA!

I was now in a situation where I didn’t have to prove myself, because the one person that fully accepted me, my best friend, was now a permanent fixture in my life. — Jamie McGuire, Walking Disaster

Hooray Saturday! (Tahereh Mafi & Ransom Riggs book signing)

This has to be one of the best days ever! I couldn’t contain the happiness. Whenever I think about what happened today, I can’t help myself not to smile. It’s just that a lot of great things really came from unplanned moments. I don’t wanna prolong your agony guys. Kidding. We went to Tahereh Mafi’s book signing at Glorietta 1 NBS today!!! *confetti*  It was actually my first time attending a book signing event and oh my!! It turned out really awesome because of another person who’s very close to Tahereh. Yayyy it’s Ransom Riggs! He’s supposed to have his book signing tomorrow at Fort Bonifacio but since they’re really close, he went with her and he even signed our books!! It’s like we just hit two birds with a single stone.

As I’ve said, it’s unplanned. (at first). Here’s what really happened. I was fully aware of this book signing event weeks ago because of Twitter and I didn’t really intend on going since I don’t have the conventional copies of the books. But last Friday, my friends and I had to meet to discuss our Marketing plan for our upcoming defense next week. We had it on Krispy Kreme. After that, I insisted that we should first look for new calculators design for Accounting ’cause I badly need a new one. We went inside Powerbooks and then there’s this bestseller table. Gosh. Stacked there were the new covers of ‘Shatter Me’ and ‘Unravel Me‘. Chui and I were thrilled! We were thinking twice whether we should go or no ’cause we’re not familiar with the rules of the event. There were pretty much a lot of things running through our minds that could have changed our decisions. Being the future CPAs that we are (lol), we took the risk. We were not sure if we can come in time since Saturday is Accounting day and it’s a six-hour class. That means we’ll arrive at the venue thirty minutes before the signing and thirty minutes after the registration. What we did was we called the branch where the book signing will be held and had the books reserved for us.

Earlier this morning, we heard the greatest news my ears have heard lately. Sir Jerwin announced that we’ll be dismissed early so yeah!!! Right after our quiz (in which I got a pretty bad score), we were half-walking, half-running our way to the bus station. We just ate our lunch inside the bus and arrived at the venue more than an hour before the registration. Beat that!! We got to be one of the first fifty or seventy-five persons to have a seat during the author’s interview. So great!

We spent our time waiting for the registration to and sat at the cafe inside the bookstore. Then time passed and we start falling in line. It sucks to be stuck with those conyo girls. They wouldn’t shut up. I swear I had to put my earphones on. Anyway, we got to sit after half an hour of standing in line. My legs kind of hurt but I didn’t really care.

Once Chui and I were seated, we tried killing the time by taking photos of the venue and even of ourselves, playing games on her iPad, talking about endless conversations, and even trying to remember a few Accounting concepts for the comprehensive exam. At exactly 4 PM, Tahereh Mafi arrived!! You can obviously see on everyone’s face how elated they all are, including us, of course!! You’ll hear pure ‘OMG’ coming out from everyone’s mouth. Even mine. I went from “Ohmy” to “Ughh so pretty” and to a lot of expressions I, myself can’t even remember. But what did excite me more was that after Tahereh’s entrance, there came Ransom Riggs!!! Now that’s real OMG. I kept moping around thinking how life is so cruel that I can’t see him tomorrow ’cause the venue’s quite far from home and that I don’t have a copy of his book yet. BUT being the cool creature that he is, he joined Tahereh on stage in the middle of the interview and even agreed on signing his book as well! We had to buy his book there and then! Because he’s awesome like that.

I was smiling during the whole interview part. Tahereh’s such a witty and adorable person that I wish she’s a dear friend of mine. And Ransom, too! The way I wish Hank, John and Maureen as my crazy friends. They talked about writing, reading, their books, and even their stay here in our country even just for a few days. Tahereh mentioned her love of Filipino foods and that the malls here are way fancier than the ones in her hometown. While Tahereh is into, malls and foods, Ransom is quite obsessed with jeepneys. He’s fascinated by jeepneys. Maybe I can ask Chui to let me upload the interview here. You can’t miss the eyelashes story line Tahereh had originally written. lmao. About five people were allowed to ask the author questions. After that, book signing! yehesss

They were so funny, sweet and adorable at the same time!! ughhh I can’t contain the happiness!


During our Accounting class. Waiting for the dismissal. :O


Excuse my penmanship but it’s really in our bucket list to get a tattoo.


While waiting for Tahereh to arrive.


early birds


Ransom handsome lmao


Tahereh and Ransom with the event host

new books yesss

new books yesss



I look wasted and stressed but who cares?! HAHAHAHA. Being with them was kjfhjdskhjaa.

I look wasted and stressed but who cares?! HAHAHAHA. Meeting them was kjfhjdskhjaa.



photo from National Bookstore’s facebook page


photo from National Bookstore’s facebook page

photo from National Bookstore's facebook page

photo from National Bookstore’s facebook page

*photo from National Bookstore's facebook page* YOU GOTTA FIND US HAHAHA

*photo from National Bookstore’s facebook page* YOU GOTTA FIND US HAHAHA

No matter how life can be depressing for us at the moment, it’s incredibly awesome how God had big and surprising plans for us even in the simplest ways.

Until next time! DFTBA! 🙂

“I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.” ― Simon and Garfunkel

Rainy days and Mondays don’t usually let us down.


Look who’s showing off her new planner!

We’re really into study dates this semester. Accounting is getting harder and harder every single week. Starbucks at Northgate has been our safe haven. It’s different there. It’s more peaceful in that branch, the staff are friendly and the place simply has this comfortable and inviting environment.         Continue reading