Release You

New song from Megan and Liz! If you haven’t listened to it yet, it’s safe to say you’re missing half of your life. Haha I kid. I’ve been busy lately, and I miss its first day of release. That doesn’t make me less of a Macer, does it? Anyway, I hope you guys take your time to listen and appreciate how talented the twins are. They’re one of those songwriters whose lyrics will make you feel like they’ve read what’s on your mind. Ready to relate with their new single?

*sings* I releasseeee you.

I really have this profound admiration to Megan and Liz. Aside from Taylor, I include them to my list of favorite songwriters. Why? Just listen to all their songs, and you’ll see how great they are. I posted this song not just because it’s new but also because I can somehow relate. I’m not saying that it’s the entirety of the song. Maybe just a few parts. I think they should have released the song earlier, but who am I to say that? Release You  fits my post Breathe AgainI’m sure you couldn’t agree more.

You used to make me laugh,

But now you make me sick.

This line gets me. Ever had someone who’s really close and you witness them change to somebody you can no longer recognize? You never saw it coming, and when it arrived, you felt like you just found yourself stark naked in front of a crowd. You were not expecting it would suck that much — that feeling of disappointment. Then you realized that the only person whom you have complete control over is yourself. You can’t expect people to stay the same just because that’s what you want. Still, it really sucks.

I waited patiently for you to come around

You were more than willing to give them a chance. Wanna know what’s worse than someone wasting that chance? It’s the fact that they didn’t even try. They accepted how horrible things are and act like it’s not worth everything that you’ve gone through. Now that leads to..

It’s all good yeah baby

It’s alright

I release you tonight

Letting go. That moment when you’re getting fed up with everything. It makes your stomach flip, thinking that you just have to stop wishing. People will always be people, and sometimes it isn’t always for the better. Let bygones be bygones.

Hey baby I-I know I’m good without you

Life goes on even if bad things constantly occur.

Until next time, reader! DFTBA! xx

Choices may be unbelievably hard but they’re never impossible. – Patrick Ness


19 Minutes

Pardon my babbling (as per usual), but I just can’t sleep without letting this all out. I want you guys to know how much I deeply love this book.

It’s already 1:00 AM here and I should be in dreamland right now, shouldn’t I? I want to write as much as I want to sleep. I just finished this book entitled 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult. Two years ago, I had the chance to read My Sister’s Keeper and after that, I pretty much engaged myself to reading YA, and realization struck through me just a few days back. I’ve missed the chance of reading the other works of the greatest storyteller of this generation. I didn’t know I could be that dumb. Oops. I’m being too hard on myself.

It’s been a while since I last read a book that has made me stay up all night just for the sake of finishing it. I guess this book just broke the record. 19 Minutes tackles about family, nonconformity, grief, loss, hope, and a whole lot more. Jodi Picoult is a genius. The book was a page-turner. It was gut-wrenching, compelling, and depressing all at once. It was one of those books you wish you had written. It was one of those books who’ll make you think if taking sides will do good. This book can change your life, I must say. It did change mine.

This surely doesn’t have a lot of twists and turns like other novels do, but it will sure leave you thinking about things that could have happened if people only knew better. The characters were all vital and each one of them had stories that formed a huge part in crafting this wonderfully written novel.

Bullying. This was one of the main themes in the story. I didn’t have an idea how things could get to that state Peter had gotten himself into. Daily picking on someone who appears to be weak in someone else’s eyes just because he simply doesn’t belong to their group, according to them. I didn’t know something negative, even just a word that’s been said when you were a kid could stick to you like a sexual abuse would do. It makes me sick. I grew up in a country where bullying almost doesn’t exist. Almost. Maybe I’m fortunate enough to grow up not being one of those to be constantly picked on by some kids who thought that they’ll feel good by putting other people down.

Nonconformity. A big part of teens’ lives is devoted to trying to fit in. Even I, myself did find myself a few moments sometimes whether  which group I do really belong — geeks, jocks, beauties, athletes, etc. But then again, I’ve found myself not really minding it. I thought as long as I’ve got real friends, it doesn’t matter if I belong to any of these groupies they call. In Peter’s case, the book’s main character, it was really different. He was bullied almost his whole life and even the people who he thought could help him, let him down. The only best friend he had, became someone else he never imagined her to be. Even in the corners of his home he didn’t find anyone to run to. Just like us, he spent his entire life trying to fit in that eventually, he got tired.

Loss and grief.  I’m not just talking about the ones who died in the Sterling High School shooting. Loss can be applied in numerous ways. It could be when Alex lost Logan, when Alex lost Lacy, when Peter lost Josie, when Lacy and Lewis lost Joey, when Jordan lost the case, when the parents lost their kids, etc. But for me, the most important thing was when Lacy lost Peter, and it’s not to death, but to someone she didn’t expected he’d become. A monster. She felt like she’d lost her even though he’s just a few feet away from him. He lost his son without even knowing how, when or why. All their lives she thought everything was going okay for Peter. But that was an utter mistake, of course.

Revenge. One of the lines there hit me. It kind of says if you’re planning to plot revenge. You gotta start digging two graves. One for your enemy, and one for yourself.

Family.  This novels includes an improbable number of family that were immensely devastated with what happened that day, March 6th, 2007.  You have to read the book yourself.

Jodi Picoult possesses this incredibility to its highest form. The whole time I was reading the book, I thought I was inside it. Even though a lot of books already made me feel that way, it’s just hard to switch from one scene to another because of the fear that you can’t just simply contain everything. Everything happened all at once. I was inside someone’s house, then one second I was inside the court hearing all their testimonies. She weaved everything together in a way no one else could. With all these law stuff, I think I’m giving that plan of mine a chance. Pursuing law. I wanted to highlight all the lines, you know. But then again, I knew better. This isn’t Accounting book. I just love this book, okay?? OKAY.

I hope you give this book a chance and list it on your to-reads. Until next time! I gotta sleep. DFTBA, reader!

But then again, maybe bad things happen because it’s the only way we can keep remembering what good is suppose to look like. — Jodi Picoult

Good Things Come When You Least Expect Them


Today was pretty exhausting. My sister and I went to see The Great Gatsby earlier this afternoon. I was dreading to watch it since last week but I ran out of savings and it was postponed for quite sometime. It was actually unplanned. We woke up quite late and what we scheduled for that today was our driving enrollment. We were discussing a few things during lunch and I can’t remember how the topic changed from buying our bags to watching the film.  You can just imagine how I beamed up after hearing her ask if I want to see the movie. I was ecstatic!!!

We prepped up quickly and headed to the mall to be there just in time. I love the book, the actors, everything. THE WHOLE FILM. It has surpassed my expectations. Usually we notice when the movie is almost nothing compared to the book, but this time I guess the movie just gave it justice. I love it!! I always tell my sister to read first before watching a certain book’s movie adaptation, and she doesn’t keep it in mind. Good thing she went with me. She loves the film too. I can just see how she enjoyed it as much as I did. We were laughing over some scenes and ached when Jay died. We whined about how much of a jerk Tom was, and Daisy an immature woman. Aww. Poor Jay. Anyway, I’m not a movie critic so I’ll leave it at that. I just love it, okay?


After that we went to another mall to buy our bags for this coming school year. I swear we’re not that excited. Haha! We bought new Jansport bags. Pink for me, green for her. They’re cute, but I still love my Moo. Oh well I love them both.

Then we headed to Gear 1 driving school! I’ve heard a lot of great things about this place. I don’t wanna get disappointed. Just please. They has a high rate and my older sister’s wallet cried.Yay I’m stoked about this whole driving thing. We had our schedule prepared and every single requirement was listed. Ohmygosh I can’t wait to start our lessons. I don’t care if this whole student permit assistance is tiring! I just wanna get started. We’re nervous and excited all at once! The thought of me driving to school makes me giddy, but the same thought makes my sister terrified.

Okayyy I just love this day! I’m grateful for this another day God has given me. I’m really blessed. Thank you, God. 🙂


The title comes from Ashley Tisdale’s song, We’ll Be Together.

Good memories are like charms…Each is special. You collect them, one by one, until one day you look back and discover they make a long, colorful bracelet. — James Patterson (Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas)


Day 14, May 14th, Tuesday: Ten things that make you really happy.

  • Seeing my family happy
  • Good grades
  • Books
  • Food (especially pizza)
  • Churches
  • Dresses
  • Swimming pools
  • Singing
  • Internet
  • Bookmarks

Too busy that I can’t even explain each one. *sigh*


It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.  — Lucille Ball

Atticus ‘Awesome’ Finch

Day 4, May 4th, Saturday: Favorite quote (from a person, from a book, etc) and why you love it.


One time I read a book, and my life changed since then.

One of my favorite books of all time is Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. It changed my view about a lot of things. My all-time favorite male literary character was from that book. It’s none other than… *drum rolls* Atticus Finch! I think he’s a very good representation of a rational being in an irrational world. That quote was my favorite especially when he was treating Scout not as a child, but as a mature individual. When he lectured Scout about trying to accept the fact how people may act or behave in a particular way, I couldn’t help but to reassess my attitude towards a lot of things and people.

Because of Atticus and the things he said, I realize that I should be more understanding of other people. Whenever there are things, people or happenings that I can’t comprehend, I try to remember what he said. No matter how hard it is to completely understand or accept a thing, I always see to it that I try my best to decipher what looks something to me like a code about what makes something like that.

When it comes to people, no matter how annoying they seem to me, I make a point of knowing how they dress, speak, react in a certain way. I want to try to be in their shoes and even though I know it’s not possible because we do have different shells we’re trying to fit ourselves into, it wouldn’t hurt for me to try.

I always thought that if only there would be more Atticus-like human being in this world, this place would be a brighter one. That’s why he’s my role model and as much as possible, I try to mimic his way of thinking. That way I hope I can be of help to other people. Instead of being an instigator, I can somehow make everything run smooth. How? I don’t exactly know how but one thing is for sure. Nobody would ever know fragile or strong someone’s heart is and how much pain they went through. We’ll never know how much effort they have exerted to protect those eyes from shedding tears, and those heart from aching too often.

Until next time! DFTBA, stranger! 🙂