Happy graduation Batch 2012-2013! Welcome summer 2013!


derp faces tadaaaa. before heading to their graduation


class photo before the program


too lazy to scan the photo hahaha


sisters for life lmao

Yeheyyyyyy! After months of torment, summer vacation is finally here!! Technically, we don’t have a break because of our summer class which we are required to take, but it’s better than nothing. At least we’re taking everything lightly. Summer = no accounting subjects. Today’s our last day and we took our final exam this morning. That’s our last chance. Last chance to improve our grade in the first half. ughh I don’t know. Stressful sem is stressful. I’ve been through a lot and I know there’s more to come as I progress together with all these things and whatnot. (Sorry for the placeholders) I’m dead tired. Saturday is an 8 AM class and it’s usually good for six hours. Since we went there only for the test, we could go early. I actually did that on purpose. I mean, to go home early. I’m the designated photographer this day for my sister’s graduation. I don’t know why I didn’t bring anything. Not even my wallet or phone!! Imagine!! You can’t? I understand. So being the ever-supportive sister that I am, I did the job. I’m more than willing. I was roaming around my old school, which I just realized I missed so much, and taking photos of her and her friends. I encountered familiar faces and they seemed to try saying hi but I don’t know. I got to talk with a few old friends! They’re awesome, as always.  Oh by the way, I love my curls!! I rarely do that to my hair ohmy the feels.

The first few hours of our vacation.. this is ajkhfjasglds. No amount of words could possibly express how I feel. I’ve been dreading to rest. I miss the long hours of sleep, lighter circles around my eyes, no homework, oh what else? Everything seems to fit in during summer and I’ve got numerous plans too! Oh well, let’s see.

  • Guitar lesson! Yay my sister gave me enough dough and I’m planning to buy a Gypsy Rose Sugarpink Acoustic guitar.  It’s so purdy. For me, summer is about learning something new. Something really new in a sense that I haven’t tried it nor contemplated on trying it. Last year, I learned to swim!! Okay I still think I’m a loser for learning so late but the bottom line is that I learned. Better late than never, right? This time, I’d love to give myself the chance to know how to play any instrument. I don’t know how I am going to study but whatever. There’s Youtube or those medieval song hits I can buy in the nearby stores. hihi
  •  Driving lesson? Not sure though. We haven’t had the time to inquire about it. But I’d love to learn!
  • Book-a-thon!! This is what I really want to do. Stacks of books are waiting for me. I missed them so much. Also, I’m several books behind schedule. (on goodreads)
  • Advanced study in Cost Accounting! 🙂
  • Movie marathon too!

(Don’t mind my exclamation marks. I just love the fact that it’s summer already though the weather here in our country isn’t pleasing at all. ugh)

On another irrelevant note, Shailene Woodley was offered for Hazel’s role in the movie adaptation of TFiOS. I was surprised ’cause she’s also picked for Tris’ character in Divergent!! One helluva lucky girl. I think she can do it. But I’m really against making the book into a film. Just no. But I’d love to watch. Of course. 🙂

I have to sleep! I’m exhausted that I can’t even add more photos here. Hahaha. Until next time, DFTBA!

“Everything needs a break.”  ― Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity