Meet Stargirl.


Like what I have mentioned in my last post, I badly want to learn playing the guitar and tadaaa! I used my Sherlock Holmes skill to find a classy one. I didn’t search anything pink on purpose but this designer guitar brand popped out of nowhere and dang it. It’s so pretty and classy and dainty that the second I laid my eyes on it, I knew very well this is what I really want. A few weeks back I visited the shop and good thing the ever-friendly staff said he can order a new stock since there’s only one remaining, and it’s the one on display. And earlier I got the chance to get her!! Finally. I named her Stargirl. I don’t know if you know her but she’s my favorite literary character. She’s someone I really look up to. I just remember she usually brings a ukulele in school and sings to someone who’s celebrating his birthday on that day. Not that I’m gonna sing to anyone but I just want to honor her. *winks*           


Included in the package are strap (I don’t have an idea how to attach), sticker set (I don’t have any plan to put them on her), a bar (no idea on this one as well) and a CD for a few tutorial for beginners. (which I very much need)


more sparkly than edward cullen lmao

They’re saying it’s a piece of cake learning this instrument but I don’t know. I’ve got so much to learn and I’m not so sure of I can finish my reading challenge this summer. Excuse my face but I was too thrilled that I tried watching the CD right away. Everyone at home seemed to understand the excitement that I’m feeling that they didn’t mind if our bed looked like it was ransacked. Plastics, cameras, the sticker sheet, etc were scattered. Changing my clothes was something that didn’t occur to me right then and there. I was holding Stargirl for quite a while and my sister together with her sarcastic snide comment was like “I can see you are NOT excited. You even named it like a real person.” Asking a few friends that know very well this instrument was also something I was busy doing earlier. They advised that I print out the chords and just practice. I did the former and when I was all set on printing it, I realized we ran out of ink. It’s like the printer is saying, hey maybe you wanna rest and just print the goddamned paper first thing in the morning. That’s what I’ll definitely do. My memorization skills will be put into test, I guess. With all these chords, strumming and whatnot, I’m just so excited I can’t even think properly. LMAO. Stargirl is just too perfect for me. 🙂

Dear Bro,

I just wanna thank You for this day. Oh well, every single day. I had so much fun with my mom and mommy T. It was exhausting, yes, but also very enjoying. Even though we just did the usual routine, it’s something to be thankful for. I’ve got nothing to do but smile these days. I feel so blessed. I feel so unworthy and yet You never fail to bless me with so much gifts. These people, material or immaterial things. I just find this awesome. Sorry if I’m not in my most articulate but I swear I’m indeed very thankful. No matter how I feel so worthless and shitty at times, You’re always there. Last week it felt like everything had been thrown on me but You pretty much showed me that I should just strive to be a better me and everything else will follow. Thank YOU. ❤

DFTBA! (though there’s no need for a reminder ’cause You always are)

Until next time!! DFTBA!

PS: Happy cake day to my niece, though she’s not always nice to me. I wish her all the best. xx

“Thank you, dear God, for this good life and forgive us if we do not love it enough.” 
― Garrison Keillor, Leaving Home