Tribulation 2013


Before the tribulation. (from left) Ate Mela, An, Chui, Ate Tere, me, Marix, AJ, Ate Pau and Ate Karen


With Sir Jerwin ūüôā

Annually, we’re having this JPIA activity. We call this event¬†Tribulation.¬†Imagine¬†Battle Royale¬†or¬†The Hunger Games,¬†whichever you like. Killing each other is our last resort. LMAO. I kid. It’s actually an¬†Amazing Race sort of game wherein we must complete all the tasks the stations have to offer. It’s a mix of physical and mental challenge. This event wouldn’t have been the same without the nerve-wracking Accounting problems we have to solve. Dang it! Last year we weren’t able to reach the last station but this time, we actually did!! We almost win!! It’s just that some bitches still managed to cheat. AS ALWAYS. Anyway, here’s a short recap of the stations and the activities we went through. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬† Continue reading