50 Minutes

When the sun has begun to set
And her twisted mind started to pirouette
She thought of the shiny little shells
That time has thrown inside those deep dark wells

Hundreds and thousands of hours have left
Even her heart thinks it's some kind of theft
In her inside appears another well
Drowning her entirely like she's in hell

On the back of her head it's not the same
A whisper insists it's extremely lame
Not to care for herself but for the shells
And even more her stomach swells

Fixing her gaze back upon the sun
She worn herself out that she can't even run
Exhaustion won as reality steps back in
After that 50 minutes of gloom she was in

Remembering What Inspiration Is

On that day
In bed I lay
You said I was a gift
With no BUTs and IFs

You gave me a name
And that stays the same
I face life without fears
‘Cause I’m with you for so many years

I’ve learned many things
In which life brings
You are always there
You show me that you care

Through thick and thin,
To you I always lean
Thanks for everything
Because of you I can now do anything

Note: I wrote this more than three years ago and I feel lucky that I found this file. The original work was made up of twenty lines; but the rhyme scheme faltered on the remaining four so I deleted the lines.