Hooray Saturday! (Tahereh Mafi & Ransom Riggs book signing)

This has to be one of the best days ever! I couldn’t contain the happiness. Whenever I think about what happened today, I can’t help myself not to smile. It’s just that a lot of great things really came from unplanned moments. I don’t wanna prolong your agony guys. Kidding. We went to Tahereh Mafi’s book signing at Glorietta 1 NBS today!!! *confetti*  It was actually my first time attending a book signing event and oh my!! It turned out really awesome because of another person who’s very close to Tahereh. Yayyy it’s Ransom Riggs! He’s supposed to have his book signing tomorrow at Fort Bonifacio but since they’re really close, he went with her and he even signed our books!! It’s like we just hit two birds with a single stone.

As I’ve said, it’s unplanned. (at first). Here’s what really happened. I was fully aware of this book signing event weeks ago because of Twitter and I didn’t really intend on going since I don’t have the conventional copies of the books. But last Friday, my friends and I had to meet to discuss our Marketing plan for our upcoming defense next week. We had it on Krispy Kreme. After that, I insisted that we should first look for new calculators design for Accounting ’cause I badly need a new one. We went inside Powerbooks and then there’s this bestseller table. Gosh. Stacked there were the new covers of ‘Shatter Me’ and ‘Unravel Me‘. Chui and I were thrilled! We were thinking twice whether we should go or no ’cause we’re not familiar with the rules of the event. There were pretty much a lot of things running through our minds that could have changed our decisions. Being the future CPAs that we are (lol), we took the risk. We were not sure if we can come in time since Saturday is Accounting day and it’s a six-hour class. That means we’ll arrive at the venue thirty minutes before the signing and thirty minutes after the registration. What we did was we called the branch where the book signing will be held and had the books reserved for us.

Earlier this morning, we heard the greatest news my ears have heard lately. Sir Jerwin announced that we’ll be dismissed early so yeah!!! Right after our quiz (in which I got a pretty bad score), we were half-walking, half-running our way to the bus station. We just ate our lunch inside the bus and arrived at the venue more than an hour before the registration. Beat that!! We got to be one of the first fifty or seventy-five persons to have a seat during the author’s interview. So great!

We spent our time waiting for the registration to and sat at the cafe inside the bookstore. Then time passed and we start falling in line. It sucks to be stuck with those conyo girls. They wouldn’t shut up. I swear I had to put my earphones on. Anyway, we got to sit after half an hour of standing in line. My legs kind of hurt but I didn’t really care.

Once Chui and I were seated, we tried killing the time by taking photos of the venue and even of ourselves, playing games on her iPad, talking about endless conversations, and even trying to remember a few Accounting concepts for the comprehensive exam. At exactly 4 PM, Tahereh Mafi arrived!! You can obviously see on everyone’s face how elated they all are, including us, of course!! You’ll hear pure ‘OMG’ coming out from everyone’s mouth. Even mine. I went from “Ohmy” to “Ughh so pretty” and to a lot of expressions I, myself can’t even remember. But what did excite me more was that after Tahereh’s entrance, there came Ransom Riggs!!! Now that’s real OMG. I kept moping around thinking how life is so cruel that I can’t see him tomorrow ’cause the venue’s quite far from home and that I don’t have a copy of his book yet. BUT being the cool creature that he is, he joined Tahereh on stage in the middle of the interview and even agreed on signing his book as well! We had to buy his book there and then! Because he’s awesome like that.

I was smiling during the whole interview part. Tahereh’s such a witty and adorable person that I wish she’s a dear friend of mine. And Ransom, too! The way I wish Hank, John and Maureen as my crazy friends. They talked about writing, reading, their books, and even their stay here in our country even just for a few days. Tahereh mentioned her love of Filipino foods and that the malls here are way fancier than the ones in her hometown. While Tahereh is into, malls and foods, Ransom is quite obsessed with jeepneys. He’s fascinated by jeepneys. Maybe I can ask Chui to let me upload the interview here. You can’t miss the eyelashes story line Tahereh had originally written. lmao. About five people were allowed to ask the author questions. After that, book signing! yehesss

They were so funny, sweet and adorable at the same time!! ughhh I can’t contain the happiness!


During our Accounting class. Waiting for the dismissal. :O


Excuse my penmanship but it’s really in our bucket list to get a tattoo.


While waiting for Tahereh to arrive.


early birds


Ransom handsome lmao


Tahereh and Ransom with the event host

new books yesss

new books yesss



I look wasted and stressed but who cares?! HAHAHAHA. Being with them was kjfhjdskhjaa.

I look wasted and stressed but who cares?! HAHAHAHA. Meeting them was kjfhjdskhjaa.



photo from National Bookstore’s facebook page


photo from National Bookstore’s facebook page

photo from National Bookstore's facebook page

photo from National Bookstore’s facebook page

*photo from National Bookstore's facebook page* YOU GOTTA FIND US HAHAHA

*photo from National Bookstore’s facebook page* YOU GOTTA FIND US HAHAHA

No matter how life can be depressing for us at the moment, it’s incredibly awesome how God had big and surprising plans for us even in the simplest ways.

Until next time! DFTBA! 🙂

“I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.” ― Simon and Garfunkel