They Say the Best Love Is Insane

Chui and I watched TFiOS on its first day, as what my movie ticket shows. *throws confetti* Heaven knows how long I waited for that and at first I was afraid that I might be disappointed of it being made into a film. Thank God it’s close to perfection.


The movie was insanely good. Two years had passed and the book still gave me that same feeling I experienced when I first read it — perpetual sadness. It’s mind-blowingly awesome and definitely one of the best book-to-movie adaptations I have seen. I’m not even overplaying everything I’m saying here. It’s really good. The casts, the  music, almost everything. Shailene and Ansel were perfect for the roles. There was no trace of the Prior siblings, trust me. AND Ed Sheeran’s song as one of the official soundtracks? God must have favored the Nerdfighters when the whole production team was working on it.


How about a selfie from us?

Our eyes were still kind of puffy after crying so hard during the movie. We even waited for the credits to finish before we get out of the theatre. Chui was kidding that maybe there’s a part two. Haha! We both had a good cry. It’s not like we planned on bringing the Nile River there. It’s just that we just found ourselves swimming in the pool of our own tears. We watched at SM BF and tried their 32-seat theatre, which they call the Director’s Club. Their La-Z Boy leather couches were overly comfortable. How I wished I had those pampering sofas at home.


There were a few dialogues that were changed and several scenes that were cut, as per usual. It’s totally understandable to do that since it’s quite a long book. But what I can’t comprehend is the fact that John’s cameo made it to the cutting department. That just made me sad. I was waiting for him to appear on screen and wow. I got nothing. Again, it’s sad. But it didn’t make the movie less of a great movie that it was.


I think it’s plain disappointing that majority of the people I know who have read the book only focused on that cigarette metaphor that Augustus never failed to point out. What about water? I see it’s not given enough emphasis. I truly believe that John Green is some sort of a genius to be that amazing. Two drowning teens in a drowning city. Perfectly crafted.

 Okay. ― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

PS: Dear best friend, okay? Okay.

The title of this blog post is from Coldplay’s What You Wanted.


School’s Out

Hey loves! After a long, excruciating semester of quizzes, homework, projects, and *insert more paper works here*, school’s finally out! I’ve heard and seen a lot of fun activities to spend the season but haven’t had the chance to experience most of them so while waiting for my summer class (waiting not to come, really), I’m making the most of my break. I hardly noticed that more than a week has passed and yeah, time really goes by so fast without you noticing it, especially when you’re having a great time. Some would probably feel bored just staying at home and having to stand seeing same familiar faces every single day. Not me, I guess. I am having so much fun. So here are some of the few things that have been keeping me enjoy the vacation lately:

  • Read – As of this moment I’m 13 books away from my goal this year, and I’m thinking of updating it once I reached 30 books. It will still depend on how busy I’ll get this coming semesters. Lately I’ve been reading a lot, from children’s books to new adult fiction. But of course I’m still enjoying my dystopian  sci-fi, contemporary romance and a whole lot of young adult fictions. The upper bunk bed serves as my little sanctuary, and seeing chocolate wrappers and whatever food you can name spread on the sheets is pure normalcy. Maybe this is a good kind of laziness I’m in. It’s better to stay on that little nook of mine than to go somewhere in this kind of heat. Plus the news of more of my favorite books will be made into movies just made me even more in a state of euphoria. The other day, John Green announced about the adaptation of Paper Towns and this morning, Rainbow Rowell tweeted about Eleanor and Park’s. I swear I could die that exact moment. There’s just this sense of fulfillment when you see your dearly adored characters came to life. But at the same time, it’s total suicide when the movie wouldn’t do the book justice.  Let’s just hope for the best. *crosses fingers* I’m just happy for my favorite authors they way their families are.
  • Asian romance/comedy marathon – If you’re following me on twitter, you’ll often see me talking about this Taiwanese series I can’t seem to get my mind off. I’ve been lacking sleep recently and rarely as it might get, I’m not even bothered. My sister’s and I’s vacation mostly consists of watching these series until two in the morning. We can afford six hours straight watching intently, like nothing is actually happening around us. Total oblivion. Being the overly cheesy earthlings that we are, we can’t help ourselves from smiling like morons and squealing most of the time. TWITTERPATED. Maybe you’re wondering what series I’m talking about, it’s Devil Beside You. If you wanna go back to your teen days and feel all these butterflies in your system once more, it’s a must-watch. I highly recommend it.
  • Wait – I know this one’s kind of vague, but my sister and I have been waiting for an update from the embassy so we can know if we’re still pushing this trip out of the country.
  • Paint – So my sister and I will be working on this popart portrait painting for my older sister and I’d definitely show it here once we’re done. Too bad I’d left all my painting materials in our old house. It would take some time before I get to visit that place again. All those books covers that I’d been doing last summer were also there. I wonder where I’d get to take my hands on them again.

So that’s pretty much how my vacation is going on. It may sound boring but for me, reading in bed is my kind of party. And I’m not even sorry. *winks* Also, I’m trying to write at least one post a day, no matter how pointless or random it might be. Until next time, reader!

Here’s to a vacation of no regrets! ― Joan Rylen

Summer Class 2013: Random happenings.


I love my nanay.

  • Hi, people! I want you to meet my nanay (mother). It’s not like she’s my real mom. That’s funny to hear. I just got used calling her that way. Do you guys know what I love about her? She knows how to listen. Whenever I’m with her I feel like I can always be who I am. She doesn’t judge me if I seem to be irrational at times. I can always rant because I know she would understand. She always knows what to say. Every dismissal we almost go to some place every day to eat something. That’s our quality time together. Yesterday we went to this cake house in Molito and stayed there for several hours. The moment we left the place it was raining. We went to a lot of stores trying to find a cheap umbrella and we didn’t find any. It’s funny how we separated ways soaking wet. It’s so much fun.
  • Ross celebrated her 19th birthday last April 24th. By the way, they’re the ones I hang with this summer. I love the fact that they don’t harbor hate. Just love.
  • We passed our project which looks more like a shark rather than a wind generator. Hahaha! It’s so pretty and we got exempted in our major test because of that. At first we thought we’re gonna lose it. Our professor told us we need to have the highest voltage and there was something that happened because of the battery limit my friend’s dad planted inside the system. It’s quite complicated to explain but we still got a perfect score because we’re the group who tend to make an exact replica of the whole interior part.
  • Yesterday too, May 3rd, was a not so good day, our first class sucked. The night before that I was writing a paper for that class. We were asked to write a paper and the subject is our classmate, Chelsea. Yes. Chelsea. Just imagine how difficult it was for me to weave the right words for that. Just ugh. Yesterday we read it in front and I wanted the ground to eat me down. Alive. It’s funny how a lot of people talked about her like they’ve known her all their lives. Well. Then there’s this one girl who mentioned my name about being best friends with Chelsea and how she knew about her birthday because I asked her a few weeks back to record a video dedication. God. That was awkward. I wanted to scream If we’re really best friends she shouldn’t have judged me too soon! So shut up or you’ll fly with that paper starting from this place.
  • Yesterday we made our personal graffiti. We taped a blank paper on our back and asked everyone to comment. Just anything. Positive or negative. It was fun. That was the second time I participated in that kind of activity. Here’s what I’ve got. One said I’m industrious. Four people said I’m smart. Five people said I’m a very reserved person. Two people think I’m a snob. Someone wrote the word BOOKWORM diagonally in all caps like I’m not aware of it. Someone said I’m frank. Nine people said I’m kind. Hehe I’m flattered, really. Another person thinks I’m helpful! Two people said I’m pretty. I don’t know why they’ve said that.
  • I’ve been venting my spleen to three people this summer. They’re nanay, Grace and Tina. I just love them. They don’t judge me. THEY LISTEN. Knowing they’re there is more than enough. I’m thankful ’cause God gave me these people.

(from left) Me, Nanay, Rosy, Tina


Go Team Shark! (from left) Tina, me, Nanay, Rosy, Kathy

This is the problem with dealing with someone who is actually a good listener. They don’t jump in on your sentences, saving you from actually finishing them, or talk over you, allowing what you do manage to get out to be lost or altered in transit. Instead, they wait, so you have to keep going. — Sarah Dessen (Just Listen)

Beat the heat!

I live in a country where it feels like summer everyday, so just imagine how every human being here is pissed because of the heat.  But that doesn’t mean pools and beaches are all out of the topic. My family didn’t have a plan of going somewhere this summer at first. Going out is definitely something out of the checklist. It means intense battle with the weather and perspiration to the extreme. We prefer staying at home and enjoying the luxury of the air-conditioning. You must be wondering why we went here. Haha. This mini resort is just inside the village and being the lazy people that we are, we went there.


what photography? wolf time!


serene, isn’t it?


hey, I’m Tris Prior!!


love being with them

Too bad my sister has this skin problem and the pool water isn’t so friendly to her skin. Oh well prevention is better than cure.

We were excited but absolutely in a state of euphoria. If you noticed, I rarely use the tag happiness; and I used it in this post! *applause*. No matter how annoying they are at times, you can’t just stay mad at them for long. That’s love, I guess? If that’s how it feels like. One fact. Summer isn’t just about being able to rest in a way that you’ll get to escape from everything and go somewhere far away. Sometimes, it’s simply being with the people who truly make you think that home isn’t a correctional facility and that you can still feel serene at all cost. This is one of the reasons why I love being at home. Yes, there are family issues and dramas but there are no people and works from school that will add up to your stress. Even just reading a good book plus a pizza can make you feel like you’re the happiest human being with a beating heart in the whole-wide world. I just love my family so much and I can’t imagine a place without them. I am starting to get overly cheesy. why is that idk ohmyyyy 😉

My brown skin turned into a toasted (sorta) meat and enrollment for our summer class will be tomorrow. Classes start the day after tomorrow. WHO CARES ABOUT MY SUNBURN? NO ONE SO THEY BETTER DEAL WITH THAT. HAHA

Until next time! Bye, stranger! DFTBA, always.

“What is family? They were the people who claimed you. In good, in bad, in parts or in whole, they were the ones who showed up, who stayed in there, regardless. It wasn’t just about blood relations or shared chromosomes, but something wider, bigger.” – Sarah Dessen, Lock and Key

Meet Stargirl.


Like what I have mentioned in my last post, I badly want to learn playing the guitar and tadaaa! I used my Sherlock Holmes skill to find a classy one. I didn’t search anything pink on purpose but this designer guitar brand popped out of nowhere and dang it. It’s so pretty and classy and dainty that the second I laid my eyes on it, I knew very well this is what I really want. A few weeks back I visited the shop and good thing the ever-friendly staff said he can order a new stock since there’s only one remaining, and it’s the one on display. And earlier I got the chance to get her!! Finally. I named her Stargirl. I don’t know if you know her but she’s my favorite literary character. She’s someone I really look up to. I just remember she usually brings a ukulele in school and sings to someone who’s celebrating his birthday on that day. Not that I’m gonna sing to anyone but I just want to honor her. *winks*           


Included in the package are strap (I don’t have an idea how to attach), sticker set (I don’t have any plan to put them on her), a bar (no idea on this one as well) and a CD for a few tutorial for beginners. (which I very much need)


more sparkly than edward cullen lmao

They’re saying it’s a piece of cake learning this instrument but I don’t know. I’ve got so much to learn and I’m not so sure of I can finish my reading challenge this summer. Excuse my face but I was too thrilled that I tried watching the CD right away. Everyone at home seemed to understand the excitement that I’m feeling that they didn’t mind if our bed looked like it was ransacked. Plastics, cameras, the sticker sheet, etc were scattered. Changing my clothes was something that didn’t occur to me right then and there. I was holding Stargirl for quite a while and my sister together with her sarcastic snide comment was like “I can see you are NOT excited. You even named it like a real person.” Asking a few friends that know very well this instrument was also something I was busy doing earlier. They advised that I print out the chords and just practice. I did the former and when I was all set on printing it, I realized we ran out of ink. It’s like the printer is saying, hey maybe you wanna rest and just print the goddamned paper first thing in the morning. That’s what I’ll definitely do. My memorization skills will be put into test, I guess. With all these chords, strumming and whatnot, I’m just so excited I can’t even think properly. LMAO. Stargirl is just too perfect for me. 🙂

Dear Bro,

I just wanna thank You for this day. Oh well, every single day. I had so much fun with my mom and mommy T. It was exhausting, yes, but also very enjoying. Even though we just did the usual routine, it’s something to be thankful for. I’ve got nothing to do but smile these days. I feel so blessed. I feel so unworthy and yet You never fail to bless me with so much gifts. These people, material or immaterial things. I just find this awesome. Sorry if I’m not in my most articulate but I swear I’m indeed very thankful. No matter how I feel so worthless and shitty at times, You’re always there. Last week it felt like everything had been thrown on me but You pretty much showed me that I should just strive to be a better me and everything else will follow. Thank YOU. ❤

DFTBA! (though there’s no need for a reminder ’cause You always are)

Until next time!! DFTBA!

PS: Happy cake day to my niece, though she’s not always nice to me. I wish her all the best. xx

“Thank you, dear God, for this good life and forgive us if we do not love it enough.” 
― Garrison Keillor, Leaving Home

Happy graduation Batch 2012-2013! Welcome summer 2013!


derp faces tadaaaa. before heading to their graduation


class photo before the program


too lazy to scan the photo hahaha


sisters for life lmao

Yeheyyyyyy! After months of torment, summer vacation is finally here!! Technically, we don’t have a break because of our summer class which we are required to take, but it’s better than nothing. At least we’re taking everything lightly. Summer = no accounting subjects. Today’s our last day and we took our final exam this morning. That’s our last chance. Last chance to improve our grade in the first half. ughh I don’t know. Stressful sem is stressful. I’ve been through a lot and I know there’s more to come as I progress together with all these things and whatnot. (Sorry for the placeholders) I’m dead tired. Saturday is an 8 AM class and it’s usually good for six hours. Since we went there only for the test, we could go early. I actually did that on purpose. I mean, to go home early. I’m the designated photographer this day for my sister’s graduation. I don’t know why I didn’t bring anything. Not even my wallet or phone!! Imagine!! You can’t? I understand. So being the ever-supportive sister that I am, I did the job. I’m more than willing. I was roaming around my old school, which I just realized I missed so much, and taking photos of her and her friends. I encountered familiar faces and they seemed to try saying hi but I don’t know. I got to talk with a few old friends! They’re awesome, as always.  Oh by the way, I love my curls!! I rarely do that to my hair ohmy the feels.

The first few hours of our vacation.. this is ajkhfjasglds. No amount of words could possibly express how I feel. I’ve been dreading to rest. I miss the long hours of sleep, lighter circles around my eyes, no homework, oh what else? Everything seems to fit in during summer and I’ve got numerous plans too! Oh well, let’s see.

  • Guitar lesson! Yay my sister gave me enough dough and I’m planning to buy a Gypsy Rose Sugarpink Acoustic guitar.  It’s so purdy. For me, summer is about learning something new. Something really new in a sense that I haven’t tried it nor contemplated on trying it. Last year, I learned to swim!! Okay I still think I’m a loser for learning so late but the bottom line is that I learned. Better late than never, right? This time, I’d love to give myself the chance to know how to play any instrument. I don’t know how I am going to study but whatever. There’s Youtube or those medieval song hits I can buy in the nearby stores. hihi
  •  Driving lesson? Not sure though. We haven’t had the time to inquire about it. But I’d love to learn!
  • Book-a-thon!! This is what I really want to do. Stacks of books are waiting for me. I missed them so much. Also, I’m several books behind schedule. (on goodreads)
  • Advanced study in Cost Accounting! 🙂
  • Movie marathon too!

(Don’t mind my exclamation marks. I just love the fact that it’s summer already though the weather here in our country isn’t pleasing at all. ugh)

On another irrelevant note, Shailene Woodley was offered for Hazel’s role in the movie adaptation of TFiOS. I was surprised ’cause she’s also picked for Tris’ character in Divergent!! One helluva lucky girl. I think she can do it. But I’m really against making the book into a film. Just no. But I’d love to watch. Of course. 🙂

I have to sleep! I’m exhausted that I can’t even add more photos here. Hahaha. Until next time, DFTBA!

“Everything needs a break.”  ― Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity